The Original PullRite

The design of the PullRite hitch is unique - it eliminates the pivot point at the trailer ball - and creates a pivot point at the axle of the tow vehicle - like a fifth wheel hitch - but mounted under the vehicle instead of above the axle. Fifth wheel trailer towing characteristics - safety, comfort, maneuverability and confidence - with a travel trailer!

The PullRite is the right choice for a wide selection of tow vehicles, including trucks, vans and most sport utility vehicles. From lightweight tent campers, to the largest RV trailers, there's a model to provide safer towing for your trailer.

PullRite hitches are total towing solutions - with the weight distributing system being an integral part of the PullRite design - equalizing weight, and eliminating dangerous sway.

PullRite underside drawing

Ordinary hitches are the cause of trailer towing problems. Most of the dangers RV'ers encounter while towing travel trailers are caused by the design of ordinary travel trailer hitches - where there is a pivot point at the ball and coupler, behind the tow vehicle bumper. That pivot point between the truck axle and the trailer axles creates trailer sway - it's simply a fact.

Sway controls are then added to cover up and deal with sway - but they only try to hide the problem - which is always there. Don't let ordinary hitch designs make trailer towing difficult, stressful and dangerous.


NOTE:  All PullRite travel trailer hitches are now special order items.  Call us at (800) 443-2307 for ordering information.