Super Short Bed Towing

PullRite has the best, and only real short bed solution for 1/2 ton trucks with super short (5-1/2') beds!

And now we are happy to announce the release of the #3200 ISR Series SuperGlide!  After nearly a year in development and rigorous SAE J2638 testing, the #3200 is now in full production!  As always, we put our customer's safety first and this hitch has met and exceeded SAE J2638 testing (like all of PullRite's hitches) and is rated at 14,000 GTW.  The #3200 was designed to install onto existing industry standard type rails, or better yet, upgrade to our "better than theirs" ISR rails...made of more robust, high quality American steel.

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To learn how to properly measure your truck and trailer combination for clearance and how safe, short bed towing works, click here!