OE Series Solutions

What are OE products?  OE stands for "Original Equipment."  Our OE Series of products were designed for Ford, Chevy and Dodge trucks that come equipped with mounting points that are installed in the truck direct from the factory.  Typically called "pucks," these mounting points provide a quick and easy means to get a clean bed when you're not towing. 

Watch the video below as Nick Moreland walks you through all the OE Puck hitches and adapters we have available for you.  To learn more about this mounting system option click here, or go to our OE Puck Series "How it Works" page for an in-depth explanation of these types of systems, and why ours are far better than our competitor's! 

We have manufactured two specific OE fifth wheel hitch lines for this 4P (four point) Puck Mounted system.  Our OE Series SuperGlide and Super 5th lines are direct puck mounted hitches and can be selected here for more information by clicking on the images to the right.  If you're not familiar with a SuperGlide and all the great benefits of towing with a fully automatic, sliding hitch for your short bed truck, click here!

However, we have other great accessories that can convert your PullRite ISR Series, or any industry standard rail, fifth wheel hitch into this type of puck system.  Click on the OE Series Adapter Rails image to see how you can convert your ISR Series SuperGlide, SuperLite or Super 5th hitch.

Maybe you tow both fifth wheel and gooseneck trailers and want to switch back and forth between the two?  We have another option for you there as well.  

Whether you use your OE Puck System's center mounting point, or an aftermarket, underbed gooseneck system with a standard 2-5/16" ball, PullRite has manufactured a better, easier and more reliable OE Series Gooseneck Ball and it stands out from all others on the market.  Find out why here, or click on the OE Series Gooseneck Ball image to read on.