OE Puck Series Gooseneck Balls

PullRite gives you choices!  Choose from three variations of Gooseneck Adapters from our OE (Original Equipment) Series of products.  Whichever you choose, you get PullRite's Patented Cam-Action Ball! 

It may seem like an insignificant item, but the gooseneck ball is the ONLY connection your hitch and trailer has to the truck, so it should stand out as being different than all the rest right?

Ours does!  We have the only cam-based locking, corrosion-resistant gooseneck ball on the market!  Both the #2600 SuperLite and #3900 Super 5th are compatible with all popular brands of 2-5/16” gooseneck balls, but you can choose better than average.

Completely manufactured at PullRite’s factory in Indiana, our premium gooseneck ball is machined with tight tolerances out of the highest grade materials.  Other popular brands of gooseneck balls have their locking mechanisms accessible from the top of the ball, which gets you many opportunities for binding and corrosion from dirt and moisture.  With direct exposure to the elements, you have discoloration of plastic parts, water seepage into the workings of the ball mechanism, and eventually a rust takes its affect.

Not so with PullRite.  Our locking mechanism is contained within the ball housing itself.  One turn of the ball and you’re done.  No lifting of tabs, no binding, and best of all, when you’re out RVing and feel the need for a bit more safety, simply substitute the pin and clip for a padlock and you’re set!  

We've gone into detail about our OE Puck Series Gooseneck Ball on the "How it Works" page, because it really is a great product and stands out from all others on the market.  We invite you to read further!

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