OE Puck Series SuperGlide

Trucks equipped with OE Puck Mounting systems direct from the factory are the latest buzz in the RV industry today.  The draw of these trucks is they leave you with a clean bed when you're not towing and also allows you to switch between fifth wheel towing and gooseneck towing.  

So why choose PullRite over another brand?  Because we are the only fully, automatically sliding fifth wheel hitch for OE Puck Systems.  You get all the great features and ease of use we pack into every SuperGlide, the only difference is the way it mounts to your vehicle.  If you are not yet familiar with SuperGlide hitches, click here to learn more.  

Not sure how the OE Puck mounting systems work?  We give you a detailed look here, so be sure to check it out and see why OE Puck SuperGlides stand out from other brands.

We have several weight ratings and models designed specifically for your truck.  Just click on any of the images on the right to see more about these exciting new hitches!