OEX Series Super 5th and SuperLite

A NEW fifth wheel hitch line for OE puck trucks



Interchangeable coupler options!

Buy one configuration and if you prefer a different coupling method down the road, swap out the coupler without the cost of buying a new hitch!

The illustration and animation below shows how you gain 4" of additional cab-to-trailer clearance.  To watch an instructional video on how to change the offset, click here!

OEX Coupler Swap   OEX Coupler Swap animation



OEX offers more cab-to-trailer clearance than any other brand!

The OEX base provides both Super 5th and SuperLite with an 4" additional cab clearance as seen above. OEX SuperLite's King Pin Adapter, gives you an additional 3.5" of rearward offset for a total of 7.5"!  That's more than you'll get with any other brand!
»    OEX Super 5th coupler option provides 4” additional cab clearance
»    OEX SuperLite provides an additional 7-1/2” cab clearance

Below we have provided illustrations to show the approximate amount of additional turning degrees the OEX Series hitches will provide.  

NOTE:  We are demonstrating the degrees of turn possible with a squared-cornered trailer; if you have cutaway corners on your trailer, you are likely to get an even greater angle of clearance!  The angles given here are the point at which the trailer will make contact with the cab. Point of contact based on 96” wide trailer on flat ground.

OEX Super 5th in forward position with angles                   OEX Super 5th in rearward position with angles
 Hitch plate installed in FORWARD position, no rearward offset                  

Hitch plate installed in REARWARD position, rearward offset of 4"

With SuperLite's King Pin Adapter installed in its forward position (toward the cab), you gain even more cab-to-trailer clearance with an additional 3.5"!
OEX SuperLite in forward position with angles                   OEX SuperLite in rearward position with angles

Hitch funnel installed in its FORWARD position and SuperLite King Pin Adapter installed in its forward position (toward the cab), no rearward offset of the hitch funnel + 3.5" with Adapter.

                  Hitch funnel installed in its REARWARD position and SuperLite King Pin Adapter installed in its forward position (toward the cab), offset of 4" + 3.5" with Adapter.

Each base is designed specifically for Ford, Ram and GM trucks with OE pucks!

Click on any of the hitches above for more detailed information about each model.


Lightest 25K rated hitches on the market!

Each OEX hitch is nearly half the lifting weight of similar designs on the market. 
»    OEX SuperLite has a lifting weight as light as 78 lbs.
»    OEX Super 5th’s lifting weight is 2/3 of the weight of similar brands

OEX Hitch Lifting weight chart






Easiest install/removal than any other 25K hitch!  

OEX Mounting Posts are totally removable and require no tools!  Once removed, the overall lifting weight is reduced for easy install and removal!  To learn more about our unique OE Puck Mounting system, please click here.

OE Handle Installation animation


We have the easiest coupling options on the market!  

SuperLIte Aim and Drop Animation
SuperLite's "Aim & Drop" fifth wheel system
Super 5th's Automatically locking/latching hitch plate
Super 5th's automatically locking/latching hitch plate



No step stools or crawling around in your truck bed!

»    Super 5th’s self-latching jaw requires no secondary locking device to engage (above, right).  To learn more about the industry's only automatically locking and latching hitch plate, click here!
»    SuperLite’s Remote Latch Handle is designed to reach the Release Latch from a lowered tailgate.  To learn more and watch a video on how SuperLite works, click here!
SuperLite remote latch handle working



Horse Trailer Adapters available for both.  SuperLite #4443 and #4424 for Super 5th