#4915 OEX Series 25K SuperLite for 2020-2024 GM trucks with OE pucks


PullRite’s new OEX line of hitches are uniquely designed to give you more options!  Buy one configuration and if you prefer a different coupling method down the road, swap out the coupler without the cost of buying a new hitch!

The #4915 OEX SuperLite is a direct mount hitch and has a base designed specifically for GM OE trucks equipped with factory puck mounting points.  It does not require any adapters, rails…and NO TOOLS…to install or remove the hitch in and out of the bed of your truck.

This hitch is  SAE J2638 tested to a hefty maximum tow rating of 25K but is also the lightest 25K hitch on the market today.  These OEX hitches are relatively lightweight; #4915 SuperLite has a lifting weight of only 78 lbs.

OEX offers you more cab-to-trailer clearance than any other brand!  The uniquely designed, interchangeable Coupler Assembly gives you enough rearward offset to be the second-best solution for a short bed truck. 

OEX SuperLite, combined with its SuperLite King Pin Adapter, gives you an additional 7.5” rearward offset!  Every inch gained matters when your turning radius in a short bed truck will be tighter.

OEX hitches also give you the easiest install of any other brand of hitch in the same weight class.  Each model is installed and removed by using our OEX Mounting Posts that are totally removable and require no tools to operate.  They are made from high quality American steel and use only premium hardware, like the use of castle nuts that allow for finer adjustments of the OE Puck Handles for ease of installation and fit!  See how OE Puck hitches work here.

Why is this important?  Other models of OE puck hitches being sold today require the use of tools to remove the hitch from the OE puck mounting points and require you to lift the straight up out of the mounting post holes.  That’s a lot of weight when you consider other brands in the same weight class weigh well over 200 lbs., and if you don’t lift evenly upward, you’ll encounter binding and will have difficulty removing it from the bed.  It now becomes a two-man job and a lot of back strain.

And because their mounting feet aren’t completely removable like PullRite’s OEX hitches, it won’t sit flat in the bed of the truck and it may scratch your paint job or spray-in bed liner when you set it down or attempt to move it around in the bed of the truck.  Not so with PullRite.  Once the independent Mounting Post Handles are removed, you are left with a hitch that is removed easily, without binding and can sit flat in the bed of your truck.

If you are new at towing or looking for an easier hookup, choose #4915 OEX SuperLite!  We’ve converted your fifth wheel trailer's king pin to a ball and turned the hitch plate into a funnel.  It's the easiest hitch on the market to hook up, just “aim and drop” the converted ball anywhere on the diameter of the funnel and lower your trailer!  The Remote Latch system keeps you out of the bed when locking/unlocking and there are no secondary locking devices to engage!

All PullRite products are SAE J2638 tested.  To learn more and why we feel it's so important to your safety, click here.

#4443 Gooseneck Trailer Adapter for SuperLite hitches



Do you own a horse, cargo, stock or gooseneck trailer and a fifth wheel trailer?  Tired of moving your hitch from a gooseneck to a fifth wheel when you want to go RVing?  We have a solution for your OEX hitch!

The #4443 Gooseneck Trailer Adapter lets you swap out your gooseneck/horse trailer's coupler with this adapter to quickly convert your gooseneck trailer to a fifth wheel. Works with all SuperLite models. 


 NOTE:  SuperLite King Pin Adapter and Remote Latch Handle included.

  • 25,000 lb. max gross trailer weight towing capacity
  • 6,250 lb. max trailer pin weight capacity
  • Lightweight, high grade steel hitch vs. weaker aluminum models
  • Lifting Weight:  78 lbs.
  • Vertical height adjustment from 16.75" to 19.25"
  • Direct mount hitch to Ford OE puck mounting points
  • King Pin Adapter converts the trailer's king pin to a ball
  • OE Puck Adapter Rails available
  • Gooseneck adapter available (#4443)
  • SAE J2638 tested
  • Made in the USA


A towing system includes each vehicle and component involved in towing. Each item in your towing system has a capacity or weight rating.  You trailer has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, or GVWR.  Your truck has a tow capacity, payload capacity, and possibly more. In addition, your fifth wheel hitch has a weight rating.  This weight rating must be at, or above, the GVWR of your trailer for you to tow safely.  In addition, if your truck can tow larger loads (has a larger capacity) than the rating of your hitch, your system is only safe to tow loads at the lower rating, that of the hitch.

Your mounting kit also has a weight rating, just like your fifth wheel hitch. Many times, these rating are designed to match. But, this is not always the case. Your mounting kit may be higher rated then your fifth wheel hitch, but it also could be lower depending on the components involved.  The lowest rating of any one component in the system becomes the rating of the entire system. If your mounting kit is rated to 18,000 lbs., and your hitch is rated at 24,000 lbs., the weight rating of the entire system will not be above 18,000 lbs.  Other components in the system could lower the actual system rating further.

It is the end users responsibility to ensure a safe towing experience. To this end, it is your responsibility to ensure that the truck, trailer, hitching components, and all other items involved are rated or have a capacity sufficient for the loads involved.

Part No
Capacity (max. trailer weight)
25,000 lbs.
Pin Weight Capacity (max. vertical weight)
6,250 lbs.
Hitch Plate Weight
49 lbs.
Base Weight
81 lbs.
Total Weight
130 lbs.
Overall Dimensions (inches)
Base: 18.25"x22"x8.5" | Coupler: 28.75"x31"x10.25"
Black, powder coat
5 year, limited
Shipping Specs
Shipped in 2 boxes
OEX by PullRite